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New York/New Jersey Data Centre Market Begins to Stabilise


The New York/New Jersey data centre market has begun to stabilise, as leasing has gradually absorbed vacant space. The region has recently seen new entrants, and some providers are seeing signs of a rebound. Meanwhile, a new sub-market has emerged in Manhattan's northern suburbs.

The New York/New Jersey region has always been a composite data centre market, segmented by geography and business models, with carrier hotels in Manhattan, connected colocation centres in Northern New Jersey, and a cluster of wholesale data centres in Central New Jersey.

New York and New Jersey are contiguous markets, as well, and some data centre customers consider the entire region in making decisions about where to deploy data centre space for their IT infrastructure. But each state has unique characteristics in data centre inventory, the price of electricity, and incentives and economic development. As a result, this report will view the market in two sections, first exploring the market in New York City and its northern suburbs, and then examining the market in New Jersey.

Download the Data Centre Frontier Special Report, courtesy of Digital Realty, to get a full picture view of the rebounding New York/New Jersey data centre market.

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