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Bringing Companies and Data Together: A Refreshed Brand for Digital Realty

Amanda Sehmar, Director of Global Brand Strategy and Communication
November 9, 2022
As our digital economy grows and evolves, so have our experiences and interactions with data

A data center has become more than a place where data is stored – it’s a meeting place where companies come together, and form connected data communities, the foundation that powers our world today. With our new brand and identity, we underscore the core of Digital Realty: a global brand with local expertise, ready to support our global customers’ needs today, and in the future.

We have strived to be pioneers of the industry to predict, progress, and adapt with the technological world, most recently exploring the importance of data and how it is becoming a critical business topic across the globe. As a customer-first company, it is part of our DNA to be the safe and open meeting place for all companies, technologies, and data, of all shapes and sizes, from all types of industries, to come together. A trusted and protected place where businesses collaborate and innovate around data.

We have always supported our customers in evolving into the digitally savvy companies and brands that they are today. Now, it’s our time to develop our brand with them.

The data meeting place

We are seeing a shift in our customers’ priorities, as the digitalization of the world continues. The amount of data being created in the world today is continuing to grow – largely driven by Data Gravity. According to our Data Gravity Index DGx™, which measures, quantifies, and predicts the intensity of enterprise data growth for Global 2000 enterprise companies, by 2024, businesses will create data at a rate of 1.4 million gigabytes per second. Unlocking the trapped value of this data is a key priority for enterprise of all sizes: after all, data is the foundation of intelligence, and intelligence is helping to drive our world forward in bold new ways, from helping to tackle the climate crisis to the development of life-saving vaccines.

This shift requires an approach which is both global and local, a global platform where customers can deploy where they need to, with on-the-ground expertise to support locally. With PlatformDIGITAL®, our global data center platform, we provide our customers with a safe meeting place for their data, where data is exchanged, optimized, connected, and controlled on both a local and, increasingly, global level. Here, customers can access the connected data communities that matter to them, progress their digital transformation journey and expand globally across a footprint of more than 300 data centers.

This was one of the starting points when developing our new visual identity. The new logo signifies a meeting place where companies, technologies, and data meet. It represents a solid and secure place which is open, offering flexibility to our customers: wherever they need to be across the globe, we’re right there with them.

The data of today defines the innovation of tomorrow

When data is generated, it is exchanged across a global platform – a meeting place - and innovation comes to life. Think of all the technological advancements we enjoy today that have been developed because of data: evolutionary AI, autonomous driving, robotic surgery. ‘Where tomorrow comes together’ is fundamental to Digital Realty’s identity. We will continue to invest in PlatformDIGITAL® to support our customers and enable them to develop new innovations in new markets.

Ready for the future

Digital Realty’s new brand identity reflects our past, but also infers a future change. A more precise, grounded, and expansive way of demonstrating our continued commitment to our customers and to driving the future of our industry.

The world continues to change just as much as our customers evolve. The reliance on technology, data and connectivity is driving new, efficient ways to come together. With a refreshed brand, we reflect what Digital Realty stands for: a place which is secure and protected, yet open and flexible. Something that represents the collaboration and partnerships which are essential to drive our world forward together – truly a place where tomorrow comes together.

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